Pray They Stand Down – National Awareness That Is Locally Created

The Ozarks are known for many things. If you haven’t added film making to the list then you may not be paying attention. There is so much talent right here in the area, and all the resources to make great films happen without outsourcing from larger locations. Damian Costello, with The Ground Up Productions, and Clayton Potter and Tristin Ray, with Stingray films, are a group of such filmmakers that are making their presence known in the local scene and abroad. They are working on a new project that is being created to make an impact on the National stage.

PTSD is a condition that affects about 8 people out of every 100 in a year. Sadly, about 22 American veterans commit suicide due to PTSD on a given day. The movie “Pray They Stand Down” is being created to bring attention to this condition that all should be aware of.


Pray They Stand Down

Pray They Stand Down – The Story and Creator

A Marine Veteran Chad Sikeston, diagnosed with PTSD and Anxiety, goes back to his home in the state of Missouri after 18 months in Afghanistan, when the effects of his tour take him by surprise. Once again he fights for his life by the end of the day, several lives will change in this dramatic thriller.

Damian Costello, Writer and Co-Director of Pray They Stand Down, is a member of a Gold Star Family. He wanted to focus a film on the effects Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can have on a soldier and the people around them. He is excited to be doing this short film with a crew he has worked for in the past. One amazing factor is that the majority of the cast and crew are living right here in the area.

Pray They Stand Down - Production
Damian Costello, Tristin Ray, Clayton Potter, David M. Watson

The Cast and Crew

Costello, with Costello Films, has teamed up with Clayton Potter and Tristin Ray, of Stingray Films for this short film project and they are joined by many great folks in production and cast. Chad Bianco, John Thomas, Chad Bianco, James Craigmyle, Darrel Campbell, Jake Gardner, and Jonova Lavon, round out the great local cast list. Damian will be Executive Producer, with Tristan Ray, and David M. Watson as Co-Producers. Cinematography will be headed up by Clayton Potter as well as David Watson, award-winning cinematographer of Valley High Pictures is returning on this piece as a consultant and producer!

Support a Local Movie with a National Message

As this movie process develops there will be opportunities for the local community to get involved. Every film has a budget and this one is no different. If you are an individual or a business that is looking for an opportunity to invest in something that will make a difference than we want to hear from you! We would love for you to contact us about options than can bring you a return on your investment and at the same time promote a message that our nation needs to hear.

Stay tuned, Pray They Stand Down will be giving you updates, Check us out on R33lfilms.com as well as our Facebook page for the most up to date information on this great movie!

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