Investing in Local Filmaking Profits Everyone

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The Stock Market is reaching all-time highs and our economy seems to be pretty strong. This is a good time to be looking for investment opportunities. However, some investments still come with risks that people aren’t quite willing to take. Maybe sticking a toe in something local is just the ticket for the perfect opportunity for you or your business. Local filmmakers Damian Costello, Tristin Ray, and Clayton Potter (With The Ground Up Productions and Stingray Films) are putting together a project that is locally produced and staffed that will have a National message.

“Pray They Stand Down” is a film that brings to the forefront the effects of PTSD on veterans and how it plays a part in their everyday life. Sadly 22 former soldiers take their lives each day and Post-Traumatic Stress is a major contributing factor. In the movie, we follow the life of a soldier that is wounded and what he experiences as he makes the transition back into civilian life.  It’s an important message to bring to the world and something you can be a part of.

Investing in Local Film Making Benefits You as Well as the Community

Financial investments in something like this happens all the time on the west coast, but rarely does it occur in the Midwest. Producer spots, in the credits for the film, are still available to those interested in an investment opportunity with the project. In addition, the chance of exposure will in essence be a commercial promoting your business. Whether it be a location in the movie, or product placement, in addition to credits you can get yourself out there. Local dispensary, SWIN Dispensaries are examples of businesses that have already become involved. Branson will be featured as it is a backdrop to promote this important message.


The film is cast, and the script is written. There is already national attention being given to the project. All the creators of “Pray They Stand Down” needs is a few individuals that want to make a little money while they help spread an important message that the world needs to hear. If you might be interested in hearing more about the project, you can find us on Facebook or at R33lFILM.COM. Be a part of something special happening right here in the Ozarks.

A glimpse of an interview shoot with Jake at SWIN Dispensaries
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