Pointing the Camera at Branson

As the Branson area deals with the COVID-19 scare, people here are faced with many of the same fears that flood the mind of the rest of our country. The concern for business and livelihoods that were probably flourishing in a strong economy are facing this uncertainty of a new abnormal threat to our wellbeing. There is nothing about this that seems like what our town and country strives for. When this starts to subside, and it will, we want to get back to what we love. Since we are a tourist destination, we want to see as many people come back as quickly as we can get them here. There is something eerie about seeing the streets of Branson empty in April.  I’d like to share one such opportunity we have right now to make people aware of Branson, and could put your business at the forefront. We need your help.

The process of putting a company name out subtly has been a science film makers have been incorporating into their craft for a very long time. However, to have a film actually feature Branson is extremely rare. Damian Costello of The Ground Up Productions and Clayton Potter and Tristin Ray of Stingray Films are putting together a project that will feature an amazing message as well as showcasing the Branson and surrounding area simultaneously.

The Branson Landing

The film “Pray They Stand Down” features the life of a soldier and his experiences after he has been in battle. Like many veterans, he deals with the effects of PTSD which complicates his life as well as others around him. It’s an amazing message shining a light on an important subject that will attract a national audience.

Since the movie takes place in the Branson area; the businesses and people of the area will be featured. The cast of actors is filled with local award winning professionals adding their special talents to this project. What this film needs to finish is some key investors that would be interested in an opportunity to be involved in this exciting local project. This opportunity would give those investors that subtle look at their business and give them a return upon that investment monetarily as well as putting the business out there in front of movie viewers. For instance, an investment of a few thousand dollars could bring you advertisement worth thousands and bring you a return of your investment with interest.


Shooting an Interview for Pray They Syand Down with Jake at SWIN Industries

We are working with national vendors that have lined up screenings for us already. The movie will bring attention to Branson. Would you like to be a part of that process? If the answer is yes we would like to talk to you personally. Contact Damian Costello at hometownstudios2020@gmail.com  or Dirk Myers at dirkdmyers@gmail.com for inquiries or questions. You can also get a look at our Kickstarter campaign that will give some specific details on the project at http://kck.st/3a70OLm.

We are excited to start filming, and we are excited for the attention it will bring to the area.

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