Local Stars Bringing a National Message – Pray They Stand Down Features a Local Cast

The Tri-Lakes area is known for great shows that people flock to from miles around. We are the third largest drive-to destination in the United States. The Branson area is known for theme parks, attractions, and the shows. What many people probably don’t realize is that there is an impressive crop of actors that comes from the area as well. The film, Pray They Stand Down, will feature a cast of great actors from the area and this article will take a moment to mention some of them.

Pray They Stand Down depicts the life of a soldier that is injured in Afghanistan. He finds a new struggle in PTSD, and a new conflict for transitioning back into civilian life begins. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder affects many veterans of war and this condition makes life harder for these soldiers and others involved in their lives. Marine Veteran, Chad Sikeston, is the subject of the movie and the role will be played by Chad Bianco.

Read about Chad Bianco on IMDb

In addition to Chad there are some other great names in the film that hail from this area. Names such as: Darrel Campbell, Sarah Robertson, Janova Lavon,  Colony Hannon, and John Thomas will appear in this short film. We have gone out and found fabulous, award-winning, talent to help make Pray They Stand Down a movie we will be proud to bring to the world. (I will link actors that have IMDb Credits)

Chad Bianco
Chad Bianco

Check out Pray They Stand Down on IMDb

Now, here’s the part where you come in. We are making a final push to make the last half of our budget to begin filming. We are grateful for whatever you have to invest in the film. It a project we are very proud of and we know you will be as well. In addition, we have a ROI plan worked out to make it possible for larger investments to receive their money back with interest. It also includes the possibility of your business getting noticed in the movie as well. You can find all the information in our Kickstarter campaign.

Pray They Stand Down - Actors

We know this is a tough time for individuals and businesses. We need to get word out that Branson is alive and is poised to make a comeback. All of our businesses could use a little publicity and this is just one way to get your business out there.

Pray They Stand Down Kickstarter Campaign


If you have any questions please feel free to leave a message with us wherever you happen to see our contact information. We are really excited to bring a project to the world with such a great message that can help so many. Get involved today. We look forward to meeting you.

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