PrayTheyStandDown.com is a Thing Now

Pray They Stand Down is a film project that is being created to focus on the trauma PTSD brings to so many of our honored Veterans. Twenty-two Veterans take their own life due to the trauma or despair they deal with primarily because of the effects of Post Traumatic Stress.

The exciting news is there IS hope. Hope that can bring some calm to the internal storms in those that are tortured by the effects of PTSD. The story behind Pray They Stand Down was created by Producer and Director Damian Costello based on aspects of his life, in addition to the life of his brother. In the movie you will get a first hand view of the glimpses of terror that someone dealing with PTSD would experience and the way it affects everyone they come in contact with.

While the movie shows the pain it also shines a light on the freedom one can experience after finding help. This film highlights that story.



You Can Be a Part of The Story

The cast and crew for Pray They Stand Down is filled with great talent ready to tell this amazing story. We are looking for people that want to invest in the process. Watch the video, you will see the process in action and what we are ramping up to. Check out the Website, you will get up to the minute information about the project and what stage it is in. If you want current shots of what is going on stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram portals for the latest news and shots.

The bottom line is we have an amazing project to offer that is going to benefit so many people. We think it will be something anyone would be proud to be a part of. We are excited, and we want to offer others an opportunity to get fired up as well.  If you get involved early, our September 22nd Kickstarter launch will be filled with great perks that could  give you the opportunity to be involved throughout the production. For larger investments, there will be ways to make your investment back with interest.

If you have wanted to be a part of something special we definitely want to speak with you further! If you have questions about the project, we want to hear from you too. Please visit the Website for contact information, or drop an email to producer@praytheystanddown.com and know that we will get right back to you. 


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