And They’re Off! – Kickstarter Campaign for Pray They Stand Down – Week One

Damian Costello - Pray They Stand Down
Watching the clock for LAUNCH TIME

Last Tuesday at 9:30AM we were sitting around in Damian and Christie Costello’s home which had been converted to Strategy Central for the launch of the Kickstarter Campaign for the movie “Pray They Stand Down”. The preparation has been completed and we were excited and anxious. We know it’s a great project, but that tension is still there not knowing what to expect.

When 10:30 arrived we saw the launch start, but did it work correctly?  Well, Clayton Potter drops a $1 in to make sure it’s working. Within the first five minutes or so we immediately see the funding jumps to over TWO GRAND! That’s right, one of the bigger perks was gone within the first few minutes. Victory Plaza purchased the Plaque dedicated to Damian’s Brother, Tre. We were elated!

Pray They Stand Down Kickstarter launch - Mission Control AKA the Living Room

Within a few hours The Reverend made a pledge which took us to the 15% funding mark. What a great day.

Wednesday was full of meetings, sharing, and finding other ways to get the word out about the film. Then the gauntlet was dropped. Damian said that if we got over $10,000.00 in pledges by the end of Thursday, he would wear a blue dress on the Branson Landing. It was getting close to the wire when Bil, and Michelle Deck claimed the Executive Producer perk! That’s right, Damian had to wear the little blue number on Friday!

On Friday, we all met on the Branson Landing to let Damian show off his new outfit. The best part was how many people took the time to find out about what we were doing. Those that were put off by Damian’s outfit were soon filled when interest when they heard the story. Losing a bet was definitely a good thing considering all of the people we were able to talk to in the process. The stroll on the Branson Landing was a huge success!

The Branson Landing Stroll

It’s Your Turn

Today, we are 36% funded and we are excited to see what the next week holds. We have backers from different spots in the United States as well as Australia. We still need your help. It takes money to make a great film and we hope you will consider investing in our awesome project devoted to bringing attention to PTSD and how it affects our Veterans. We would personally like to thank all of these folks for putting the kick in our Kickstarter campaign!

Pat Raley, Tammi Polilli-Daily, Studio 222 Films, Tristan McGee, Bil and Michelle Deck, Sherry Elliott, Celeste Eden, Natalie Bobsin, Mike Smith, Karl Porfirio, Janet Miller, The Reverend, The Creative Fund by BackerKit, Justin Giddings, Natalie Bobsin, Steven Denton, Lowell David Williams, Clayton Potter, and Paul Beck

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! You can email us directly at producer@praytheystanddown.com. We are also available on Facebook as well. We look forward to hearing from you!

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