So, This Happened… Pray They Stand Down – Kickstarter Project

The Ground Up Productions has been immersed in a project to gather funds to take care of stretch goal expenses to film the movie Pray They Stand Down. With a little less than a day left, we are excited to say that we hit that goal and are looking forward to getting rolling with the filming process.

The first week was a roller coaster of emotion as we went in strong. You can read about that in our previous Blog article. We sat close to 50% for quite a while but like the first week, the last week blazed with excitement.

There were some highlights that we want to take an opportunity to touch on. Those of you that have been with us from the beginning know the initial investments from The Victory Plaza , Bil and Michelle Deck , in addition to some other generous folks, got things rolling moving nicely.

What we didn’t realize is that we were going to sit at the halfway point for almost two weeks. Let’s just say that things got a little tense for a while. It’s been a tough year for everyone and nobody wanted to see this project fall by the wayside.

The energy of the team never really changed though. Of course, there was frustration, but we had great help. Damian, The writer and Director of the movie, chose to work with Justin Giddings, (The Kickstarter Guy) and he kept telling Damian that if we followed the method we would get funded.

Pray They Stand Down Kickstarter Campaign - 100% Funded
James Craigmylefrom Live PD stars in Pray They Stand Down

James Craigmyle joins Pray They Stand Down

If you are a LivePD fan you should be familiar with the name James Craigmyle. James started his career as a model, but is most well known for his role in the hit reality show Live PD.

We have been fortunate to have James featuring Pray They Stand Down in live spots from Facebook live. We are excited to have him as a star in the cast for this movie.

If you are a fan, you are definitely going to need to stay tuned. We really do have some action-packed scenes in store for this great movie.

Amazing Backers come through in the end.

Two great backers joined Team Pray They Stand Down on the final stretch of funding and we are excited to have them aboard.

Project K-9 Hero and Fox + Hound both came to the  aid of this movie. Project K-9 Hero is devoted to making sure those retired Service Animals, that have protected us, are taken care of in their retired years. While Fox + Hound creates products that are safe for us to use with our animals. We are glad to have them as part of our backing team. Please check them out in the links we have provided.

Lights, Camera, Action!

So, with Pray They Stand Down reaching 100% in backing we are getting ready to start filming. Stay tuned for upcoming information about the progress of the movie. The filming will start soon! There are so many great things about to happen.

Thank you so much for supporting us!

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