Be in a Movie With James Craigmyle

James Craigmyle Raffle for Pray They Stand Down

James Craigmyle, most recently known for his role in LivePD, has a significant role in the movie Pray They Stand Down. We are excited to tell you that there is now an opportunity for you to appear in the movie with him on set.

One out of 500 lucky folks will get the opportunity to appear in the filming of the motion picture Pray They Stand Down.

This movie depicts the life of a soldier that returns home from his time in Afghanistan only to begin a whole new conflict from a different kind of battle. That battle that Master Sargent Chad Sikeston will encounter is PTSD. Throughout the movie we see the effects of this condition and catch a glimpse of his inner battles throughout the process.

And now, YOU can be a part of this exciting film! In addition to helping support one of our partners Project K9 Hero. This organization help to make sure the needs of retired service dogs are met.

Here are the Details...

Each entry is $20 and you can buy as many entries as you would like. There will only be 500 tickets sold for this raffle.

One lucky winner will have the opportunity to fly to Branson, Missouri with a guest of their choice. We will pay for…

– Your Flight
– Your Lodging
– Your Food

That winner will also be in a scene, from the movie Pray They Stand Down, with James Craigmyle!

This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to be a part of a feature film. You will be on set and get the chance to meet the cast and crew of the film as well.

The Ground Up Productions is proud to have this opportunity to create a story that will draw attention to such an important issue. Twenty-two veterans take their lives daily with PTSD being a major contributing factor. We want to put this out there to bring awareness to PTSD and hopefully help to bring this number down. We are proud of our Veterans and we want them to know that there is hope even when anxiety wants to take over.

If you have questions leave a comment below or message us at staff@praytheystanddown.com

Click Here For Your Chance to Win And Be In Pray They Stand Down With James Craigmyle

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