ABOUT R33LFILM and The Ground Up Productions

Damian Costello (30) was born ‘Damian Porfirio’ on March 15th, 1988 in Knoxville Tennessee to Karl Porfirio, and Della Mason. Costello has lived a very interesting life, on Cruise Ships as a musician, and as a film and stage actor, and runs his own production company, R33LFILM.

Costello worked on his first Cruise Line (Norwegian Cruise Lines) as a drummer at the age of 15, and continued to do so until age 20 when he moved to Brazil in 2009. He moved with hopes of finding something new in life, and wanted to start fresh in a new place, but soon realized that the Midwest in the United States was where he belonged. While in Brazil, He worked in what he calls a ‘Warzone’ in Sao Paulo, fighting Drug and Crime cartels with a vigilance squad (Policia Civil SP), and when things got too crazy, he moved back to the USA in 2016. Costello said “It was like a movie, and I was method acting in a major role” when he speaks of the things he saw in Brazil. he said in an interview, “It’s time to make actual movies now, without the risk of my life”

Costello started in Branson, MO in 2016 with the Branson Murder Mystery, and then the Pierce Arrow Total Comedy Hour with Tony Turner and James Sibley. He then started booking TV commercials and local film, and then feature films, National TV, and many other gigs that he loves. You can also find him on The Polar Express (Branson Scenic Railway).

He recently met some Talented Directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah “Gangsta” (2018) and the award winning “Black” (2015) and now has some building blocks from his personal visions to accomplish his mission.

Costello is currently planning a big film to be filmed in Branson, MO with an actual budget, and plans on fighting for Tax Incentives and Fair Wages for film makers in the Midwest. “I won’t stop until I get what I need to make what I want, and anyone involved will benefit, so let’s do this!”

The Ground Up Productions is dedicated to bringing great cinema to The Ozarks.

Costello married in May, 2019 to his best friend, Christie, whose very supportive of his career.”Here’s to big things in 2019! Thanks to all who have loved and supported me!” – Damian Costello

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