Setting the Tone for an Amazing Film – Gathering Great Talent Lined Up for Pray They Stand Down

The artists making up the soundtrack for Pray They Stand Down

In most cases, solid cinema goes hand in hand with an amazing soundtrack. That was at the forefront of Damian Costello’s mind when he was looking for music to represent the film “Pray They Stand Down” (Produced and Directed by Hometown Studios

Local Stars Bringing a National Message – Pray They Stand Down Features a Local Cast

Pray They Stand Down is made up of a cast of amazing local talent

The Tri-Lakes area is known for great shows that people flock to from miles around. We are the third largest drive-to destination in the United States. The Branson area is known for theme parks, attractions, and the shows. What many people probably

Pray They Stand Down – National Awareness That Is Locally Created

Pray They Stand Down

The Ozarks are known for many things. If you haven’t added film making to the list then you may not be paying attention. There is so much talent right here in the area, and all the resources to make great films happen

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